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Freediver Resources

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Facebook groups and useful websites

Groups are a good way to form a network of diving buddies, get active and be social. Groups will often talk about topics and post FAQ’s that will help you develop as a freediver.


Freedive Geelong

Private member group that has qualified PADI Freedive Geelong students (such as yourself) to network, discuss Freediving practice and training events. Students are also offered a discount on gear.

Post questions in specific topic areas and a professional will answer your questions.


Interactive map with heaps of information of diving sites in Victoria. These are mainly SCUBA dive sites but include snorkelling and Freediving as well.


Based all over Melbourne, large network of snorkellers but some are experienced Freedivers and SCUBA divers.


Geelong and Bellarine peninsula group that focuses on snorkelling the areas around Geelong, the Bellarine and the Surfcoast.


Generally, a beginner group of spearfishermen/women that post about their catch, find buddies and plan dive trips.


Freediving Clubs

Freediving clubs are a great way to meet new people and network with local Freedivers. Freediving clubs also offer the benefit of weekly pool training sessions so that you can work on the beginner skills that you have learnt (such as static / dynamic apnoea) in a safe and controlled environment.

They also schedule monthly dives at local sites and are generally a great way to stay active and involved in the community.

Here is a list of Freediving Clubs that we recommend and some contact details as well.


Geelong based club that runs weekly freediver training and spearfishing / photo diving each month. Once membership is approved, they invite you to a private member only Facebook group and send you a calendar of diving events.




Melbourne City based group and Western suburbs that offer weekly freediver pool training and social events.



Freediving Charters

There are several excellent Freediving boat charter operators that you can jump on board and explore Victorian dive sites with if you have a buddy and have completed your open water Freediver training.


Skippered by Marlon, a PADI Master Freediving Instructor who started Freediving in Victoria over 10 years ago. He now operates a successful boat tour company and specialises in site seeing, Freediving charters and Freediving courses.

Located in Sorrento, WaterMaarq will pick up participants from either Sorrento or Queenscliff locations.

We often use WaterMaarq for our open water freediver training sessions.


Operating out of Queenscliff, they mainly run SCUBA charters but also accommodate Freedivers. We have a close working relationship with SCUBABO as they are a great team, and it is where Freedive Geelong operates from.

They also offer accommodation, SCUBA charters, SCUBA training courses and equipment hire or sales.


Red boats are a large boat charter operating company that mainly runs out of Portsea but also offers pick up and drop off for Queenscliff participants. They mainly specialise in SCUBA charters but also accommodate freedivers as well, in addition to site seeing tours. Red Boats also has a lodge where divers can book accommodation in Rye.


We often utilise Sea All Dolphin Swims to facilitate training dives for our students on their 8m RIB.

Swimming with wild dolphins & seals and snorkelling at the world-renowned diving and snorkelling site Pope’s Eye marine park is an amazing experience. Sea All Dolphin Swims’ friendly and experienced crew make tours suitable for everyone.

Departing Queenscliff Victoria, only a stone’s throw away from the start of the Great Ocean Road and just a short drive from Melbourne. There award-winning experiences create memories that last a lifetime.

They also offer various other ocean adventures such as surfing.


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