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Clear a foggy mask!

This step will introduce to you, how to clean a mask that keeps fogging.

There is nothing worse than having a mask that keeps fogging up. You'll have all of your diving gear on ready to hit the water, with much excitement, only to swim out and within seconds your mask fogs up. No matter how many times you try and clean it, it doesn't seem to work. This can ruin a perfect dive day!

We're going to teach you that the secret to a perfectly clear mask is all about the preparation.

Step 1

When you first purchase your, mask if it is new, there will be a chemical film over the lenses that you will need to clean off first.

The best way to clean off the chemical residue is to scrub the inside of the mask lens with a soft toothbrush and non-abrasive toothpaste. Repeat this step about 5 times, rinsing in between each application.

Step 2

Now it is time to prepare the mask for its first use in the water!

Every time that you are about to go diving, ensure that you prepare your mask to prevent fogging by using one of following techniques:

Commercial solution:

There are various types of anti-fogging sprays or gels that work very well at preventing accumulation during your dive. Apply it by spraying / rubbing the inside of the lens with the solution, then rinsing thoroughly


  • They are relatively cheap and a small bottle will last over 50 diving sessions!

  • Apply once per diving session and stay fog free for the entire days diving.

  • Easy application.

  • Easy to pack, small tube / bottle you can store in a dive bag in the water or on you if reapplication required.


  • Can sting eyes if not rinsed out properly after applying.

Baby Shampoo

Dilute baby shampoo with water inside a spray bottle. Use 1/4 baby shampoo to 3/4 water for an effective, cheap anti-fog solution.


  • Inexpensive

  • Easy to apply

  • Readily available, you can generally buy baby shampoo all over the world, even in remote places.


  • May require constant re-application

  • You won't be able to store a large spray bottle in the water, which limits the ability to reapply when in the water.


Spit is a commonly used method of clearing a mask and may divers use this method to keep their mask from fogging. However, we do not recommend this as we will detail below.


  • Readily available

  • Free!

  • Fall back option when nothing else is available


  • High source of infection!!

  • Will have to constantly reapply. It is not uncommon for divers to have to 'spit' into their mask between each dive descent! This is way too frequent!

  • Unable to produce spit when dehydrated (which is common during a diving session).

In summary, there are different techniques out there to keep your mask clean. The most important methods to remember are to prepare your NEW mask for its FIRST use (Step 1). Then, before each dive session, apply a solution to clear your mask for the day ahead (Step 2).

We hope you find this helpful and if you know of any other techniques, then please comment below :)

Freedive Geelong.


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