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Check out our range of freediving, spearfishing and entry level floats. 

Dive floats

Most diving floats are usually solid or inflatable with a range of different purposes to know.

High visibility and a place to rest and recover are the most important parts of any float. When choosing a float, here is what to consider.

Hard floats - generally used for shore diving. These are usually quite large and heavy, but can store heaps of equipment or act as a catch bag, keeping your fish out of the water.

Inflatable floats have a wide range of applications. The process of inflating them varies depending on the type you purchase, either by mouth or with an air compressor. If you're a beginner, it's recommended to start with entry-level inflatable floats. These floats are convenient to store as they can be easily rolled up and placed in your gear bag. Additionally, they are highly visible and often come with a dive flag attachment. On the other end of the spectrum, there are inflatable floats specifically designed for blue water spearfishing. These floats are heavily pressurized to ensure they remain inflated even when a large fish pulls them underwater.

Freediving specific floats - A freediving specific float is a float, generally in the shape of a ring, with handles attached to the outside and a well inside that stores the freediving line. They provide excellent buoyancy.

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