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Float Lines

Find your perfect float line! 

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Float Lines

A float line is designed to run from a marker or drop weight to the float on the surface of the water. The float line is an essential part of your float set up. 


Types of float lines.

There are various types of float line materials from a simple rope to a bungee with internal shock line.

If you are just starting out, look at buying a float line that is inexpensive, durable and floats, such as the standard float line. 

Spearfishing float lines benefit from having a solid core and an ability to stretch. A solid core is essential to ensure that in the unlikely event that your float line breaks, the dyneema core will maintain its integrity.

Float line lengths

When considering the length of the float line to purchase, ask yourself how deep you expect to dive. Buy a float line that is only a metre or two deeper than the maximum depth you are most often to dive. This will prevent excess slack and tangling. For example, if you are only shore diving to 6 - 8 metres, you should use a float line that is 10 metres long. Another way to look at this is to use a float line that is only a metre or two longer than the maximum depth you will dive. 

However, if you intend to dive for large pelagic fish, you would be better off purchasing a float line 20 to 30+ metres in length. This will allow the larger fish to run and have plenty of slack line to use, to prevent line snapping.

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