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Spearfishing level 1

  • 22Steps
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Program information. This program is designed to introduce spearfishing and freediving fundamentals. Gear Confidence: Become comfortable with using and maintaining spearfishing equipment. Safe Diving: Practice buddy systems, dive planning, and emergency procedures for secure dives. Underwater Skills: breath-holding, swimming techniques, and equalization for effortless underwater movement. Fish ID: Identify common fish species to make informed and ethical fishing choices. Hunting Techniques: Learn stalking and shooting skills, prioritizing ethical hunting practices. Eco Awareness: Understand marine conservation, adopt sustainable fishing, and minimize impact. Rules and regulations: Grasp local fishing rules, permits, and protected areas. Catch Handling: Learn proper fish handling, bleeding, and cleaning techniques. Sustainability: Embrace responsible fishing practices and contribute to conservation. Emergency Skills: Gain basic first aid knowledge for underwater scenarios. Real-world Experience: Apply theory during hands-on training and guided trips. Skill Mastery: Demonstrate proficiency through assessments and practical evaluations. Continuous Learning: Foster a passion for ongoing growth in spearfishing. Personal Development: Cultivate patience, discipline, and respect for nature. Memorable Adventures: Create lasting memories and connection to the ocean.

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