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Beginner Freediver Course
Level 1

Endless Possibilities

Course Structure


This course focuses on giving participants the theoretical understanding and practical skills that are required to develop their breath hold capacity, in addition to general freediving skills. The course is primarily designed to provide participants with the knowledge and skills to start freediving as a practical hobby. However, the course is also suitable for those wanting to learn how to increase and train their breath hold capacity for activities like surfing. 

Complete at your own pace:

After finishing the PADI Freediver Online material, you can complete the course in either one or two sessions.

  • The first session is a minimum 3 hour theory review 

  • The second session is a minimum 3 hour pool practice 

You should expect to invest approximately 8 - 10 hours to cover all sessions and material  thoroughly. 

What you will learn

  • How to increase your breath hold (static apnoea)

  • How to swim greater distances under the water (dynamic apnoea)

  • Breathing techniques 

  • How to wear and use Freediving equipment

  • The physics and physiology of freediving

  • How to rescue a Freediver in distress

  • Freediving skills training

  • Hazards that may be encountered while Freediving 

General Itinerary

Online Package

Prior to the scheduled training date, participants will need to complete a PADI online training package, which will be sent through an email link, when booking onto the course. This allows students to begin training immediately and at their own pace. 

In person or ONLINE THEORY - 10:00AM - 1:00PM 

On the day of the course, participants will meet at Queenscliffe Dive Centre 37 Learmonth St, Queenscliff VIC 3225 (SCUBABO). ​There will be a general presentation and knowledge review of the online component, followed by a practical skills session on breathing techniques and a 'how to' on the various freediving and breath hold equipment.

Lunch 1:00PM - 1:40PM

Queenscliffe has a great range of local cafe's that offer any variety of food at a reasonable price.


Pool 1:50PM - 4:50PM

This will be followed by a pool session held at Queenscliff Dive Centre where you will learn how to increase your breath hold (static apnoea), swim greater distances under the water (dynamic apnoea), how to work as a buddy team, recognise and rescue divers in distress and develop general freediving skills. 

Course Requirements

To be signed off as a PADI Basic Freediver (entry level course) you will have to safely demonstrate:

  1. Correct breathing techniques 

  2. At least three 'correctly executed' static apnoea attempts with one 90 seconds in duration. 

  3. At least one dynamic apnoea attempt of 25 meters.

  4. The ability to swim 200 meters unaided, or 300 meters with fins + mask + snorkel. 

  5. Rescue of a blacked out diver on the pool floor

  6. Rescue of a blacked out diver / or diver in distress on the surface

  7. Adherence to the 'safe freediver' criteria. 

  8. Medically fit to dive 

  9. Signing of a liability waiver 

Required Equipment

Please provide your own mask, snorkel, wetsuit (3mm), weight belt, weights and fins. 

If you require any equipment, we can provide you with hire gear, or you can get your very own, heavily discounted Freedive Geelong student gear :D !!

Browse the shop here

Course Cost

From $395AUD; which includes:

  • Includes access to PADI Freediver touch online platform; an awesome tool with step by step video + written instruction that can also be accessed as a reference after the course is completed. 

  • Registration as a PADI Basic Freediver

  • 3 hour face to face theory review

  • 3 hour pool practice session

  • Pool admission fee's

Where too from here?

Once you have met the requirements for the PAD Basic Freediver course, continue your adventure and upgrade your qualification to the 'Freediver level' by completing two open water dives to standard. Once the open water sessions are completed, you will be qualified to dive up to 16 meters deep on any reputable vessel world wide. 

Prior to booking; please review the 'safe diver, medical questionnaire and liability waiver' documents to see if this course is right for you. 

Participants can start today with the PADI Freediver Touch™ online platform and then book into an upcoming course, listed in the 'Book Online' section of this website.  Courses are scheduled each month, running out of Geelong, Victoria. 

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