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Introducing the ultimate all-purpose wetsuit for your underwater adventures!


Experience unparalleled comfort and warmth as you delve into the depths. This wetsuit boasts remarkable insulation and a cozy feel, making it ideal for various water activities.


Crafted with care, it features a high-quality lycra reinforcing finish on the wrists and ankles, ensuring lasting durability and strength. The use of Japanese Yamamoto 39 open cell neoprene and a Smoothskin shaped face seal ensures a snug fit and reduced water flushing.


To enhance the suit's sturdiness, reinforcing latex dots adorn all joining seams, providing robust thread construction. Additionally, our exclusive Anti-slip loading pad on the chest ensures secure handling of your speargun, complete with an elevated lip to prevent slipping mishaps.


Inside, an open-cell interior guarantees a superior fit and unmatched comfort. This innovative design reduces voids in the suit, resulting in a close fit that adapts to your body shape. Our unique pattern construction caters to a wide range of body types, perfect for temperate water divers. 


The wetsuit's versatility shines through with its strong Power Tex Knee Pads, offering maximum protection during spearfishing, SCUBA diving, freediving, and snorkeling adventures.


For added durability, we've reinforced the base of the jacket and beaver tail with double nylon, effectively minimizing the risk of tearing. The beaver tail is thoughtfully equipped with dual clips for a secure closure. On the right leg, you'll find a reinforced knife pouch, ensuring a safe and convenient spot for your diving knife.


Embrace the underwater world with confidence and comfort, courtesy of this exceptional all-purpose wetsuit!






Quality lycra reinforcing finish on wrists & ankles. To ensure durability and strength.


Japanese Yamamoto 39 open cell neoprene Smoothskin shaped face seal.

Reinforcing latex dots on all joining seams to strengthen thread construction.

Wettie’s unique designed Anti-slip loading pad on chest to ensure secure loading. Includes elevated lip to eliminate speargun slipping off.


Open cell on inside interior to ensure superior fit and comfort. Reduces voids in suit with close fit.


Unique pattern construction to ensure a wide range of fitting, designed for temperate water divers.


Strong Power Tex Knee Pads Perfect for spearfishing, SCUBA, freediving and Snorkelling.


Double nylon on the base of the jacket and beaver tail to increase durability, minimise risk of tearing + with dual clips on the beaver tail. Reinforced knife pouch on right leg.

Wettie 5mm Open Cell Female Wetsuit

  • Please allow up to 2 weeks to arrive. As we have limited stock and sell out fast. We sometimes have to source direct from the international manufacturers.

    Please ask us prior to purchase if this will be an issue.