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Freediver Course
Level 1

PADI e-learning + Theory + Pool + Boat Dives

 Embark on the Ultimate Freediving Adventure with Freedive Geelong!

Ready to take your freediving to the next level? Our PADI Beginner Freediving Course is perfect for anyone looking to improve their skills and explore the underwater world. From mastering your breathing to learning how to dive safely and confidently, our experienced instructors will guide you every step of the way.

Image by Jakob Boman

Complete at your own pace.

01 - PADI Online

The PADI Freediver Online Training is a convenient and flexible e-learning platform designed to teach fundamental freediving knowledge. Accessible from anywhere, it covers breath-holding techniques, safety, equipment usage, and more through interactive modules. Participants progress at their own pace, preparing for practical, in-person sessions. 

03 - Pool 

02 - Theory

Dive into a theory review covering essential aspects. Face to face session, delivered either online or in person to review the e-learning modules and to provide you with our own, masterful knowledge. Including equipment discussion and demonstration!

04 - Boat Dives

Immerse yourself in practical pool exercises designed to refine your newfound skills.

This segment encompasses static apnea, focusing on breath-hold training to enhance your breath-holding duration and acquire professional techniques. Following this, engage in dynamic apnea, rescue skills, and time-permitting, delve into additional training on the freediver float!

Course Requirements



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