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Cliffs and Ocean

The Apnea Total Freediver Course is designed for those with some experience in the ocean and who have never experienced formal education before in freediving. It is best to have some experience with freediving, snorkelling or spearfishing for this course. If you are a complete beginner, look into the PADI Basic Freediver Course offered here as well. 

This course will enable you to feel safe and comfortable when freediving to depths of up to 20 metres, and to improve what you can already do.


Although this might sound difficult to achieve in a few days, you will be surprised what an experienced team of Freediving Instructors can do for you.


Our unique breathing techniques, together with the effective structure of the course program in the classroom and water sessions creates a fun educative environment and a successful freediving experience.

The Freediver Course runs for 2 days and is divided into two academic lessons and two water sessions. During our academic classroom session Instructors interact with students using videos, questions and different breathing exercises which help to improve confidence, knowledge and techniques prior to the afternoon’s water session.


During our water sessions we have an absolute maximum of 4 students to 1 instructor; allowing for greater personalised attention and tuition. Our Instructors are with the students at all times while underwater regardless of depth, thus increasing student confidence and safety.

Upon completion of the Freediver Course, you will receive a certification as well as private online access to the Freediver Course materials, so that you can maintain your freediving knowledge.


  • Must be able to independently swim 200m with or without fins.

  • Minimum age: 15years

Course Cost 

  • $650 pp minimum 2x participants to run. 

The Freediver Course structure is as follows:

Day 1


  • Introduction to freediving and the different disciplines

  • Familiarisation with equipment

  • Duck-dives – Effective underwater entry technique

  • Kicking technique

  • Equalisation techniques

  • Breathing techniques

  • Recovery breathing

  • Hydration and diet

Water Session

  • Preparation of equipment

  • Practice of efficient breathing technique in the water

  • Practice of duck-dives and kicking technique

  • Practice and correction of body positioning

  • Buoyancy test

  • Freedives on the dive-line to a maximum depth of 12 metres

Day 2


  • Review of the freedives of Day 1

  • Fine-tuning the breathing technique

  • Safety regulations

  • Safety procedures in the water

  • Pranayamas – yogic breathing with application to freediving

Water Session

  • Warm up dives

  • Practice of new breathing technique

  • Buddy team work

  • Safety procedures and rescue practice

  • Freedives on the dive-line to a maximum depth of 20 metres

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